Sell your services Online.

Makli is the simplest way to turn your WordPress site into your eCommerce store.

There are two many eCommerce solutions for WordPress, how Makli is any different?

Most WordPress eCommerce plugins cover all types and sizes of vendors; Makli does not. Makli is not for you if
  1. You are a mid/ large size service provider or vendor
  2. You aim to sell 1000s of products

Freelancers and startups

We believe Freelancers and startups do not need a system to manage extensive inventories, handling a large consumer base and dedicated support system. They also do not want to get confused with long lists of features that are rarely used. Makli is clean from all that fuss.

One-page checkout

One-click social login with Facebook/ Gmail and checkout

Keep simple, sell more.

If you are a small vendor, who want to go online in minimum time, Join 100s of small business providers who use WP,
Start selling like Pro & for Less.

Makli empowers freelancers/ startups to start selling using WordPress quickly and conveniently.

Makli is a webshop Plugin for WordPress for eCommerce. It’s designed from the bottom up for small service providers. Simplicity and getting online within hours is the essence of Makli.
Designed for
  1. Freelancers/ Startups/ Small scale service providers
  2. Few services to sell
  1. Build selling website in minimum time
  2. Sell more with simple one-page checkout

Our Clients

tigerden Feature Availability
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The plugin is great! I tried a few and this one is the easiest and nicest one. You can make large size comparison tables, over and over again by simply copying the data from notepad! good job!
Stephane_SS Customer Support
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The team did an excellent job of customizing the template to satisfy our needs. We had many exchanges to get to our final design and the team was always very reactive. We had to pay some extra for the customization work but the price is very reasonable.
vpsroom Design Quality
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Excellent product, excellent support. Thanks to developer.