Widgets for Sale Pages

Suppose you are a service provider with three services to show on your home-page (yes, you will not need a complete woo-commerce widget showing all tidbits for the home-page). So you will make a copy of the "service description" and use the "block or pricing table" widget. And then link it to the webshop. Or use another plugin to do the job.

With Makli, you have several choices to make a widget of your choice from your actual product description.
For recuring products, Makli automatically shows upselling text and auto-calculated savings.
Comparisons are often tricky; we have eliminated the need to define custom attributes/ features in plugin settings and then filling-in each attribute while creating the product. It should be like that.
With makli, place service features in “attribute: value” style, one in each line. Makli will process it to make large comparison tables without serious effort.