About Us

Makli Ecommerce Is A WordPress Plugin That Helps The Seller Engage Users And Make More Sales By Offering Several Widgets To Engage Buyers.

About Makli

Makli is designed with a focus on one-page checkouts offering a quick order experience for your clients. If you are selling services like website development, photography sessions, gym memberships, life coaching, offshore working, app development, or designing services, Makli offers you all the convenient minutes.

How Makli is different

Makli is different from other WP Pricing Table Plugins where you build the pricing tables by adding rows to each table one a time. With Makli you creative products/ services, put your product descriptions in plain text, and then the plugin will intelligently process it to make pricing tables, pricing slider, comparison tables and other widgets all from the single set of data.

About Our Team

Makli e-commerce team has over six years of experience in making plugins that helped over 7000 web hosts (till October 2021) sell their hosting services through WordPress. We put whatever we learned in all these years into this plugin, enabling users to sell any recurring service using a single plugin. We at makli can cater to any customization needs to display, upsell your services and customize the checkout workflow.

Ready to Sell Digital services with us?

If you are excited to get started to sell your digital services, don’t wait, Order Makli, and get your online store to next level.

People Who Love Our Plugin

People love our plugin, here are the reviews from real clients, read reviews on codecanyon.