According to the National Weather Service’s tornado assessment team, the latest tornado that touched down the busiest district of Beaumont was an EF1 tornado. It had a wind speed between 95 mph and 110 mph.

Beaumont Tornado passed from southwest to northwest on its disparaging passageway throughout Dowlen Road of Beaumont. The initial report issued by the National Weather Service at 8:10 PM also stated that it was an EF1 tornado.

However, a spokeswoman “Montra Lockwood” from National Weather Service, said that Beaumont Tornado began from Kohl’s, and before striking the “Parkdale Mall Area,” it traveled to Wal-Mart. The whole incident possibly lasted less than 5 minutes, as described by her. Montra Lockwood further said that it was enough evidence that Beaumont Tornado was EF1 as it flipped the vehicles and damaged a lot.

According to the officials, the roof of Walmart was distorted. On the other side, Kohls’s department’s aerial video was first seen on KBMT 12, which showed a significant part of the top that warped customers. Due to this distortion, both customers and staff of Kohls Department were injured.

According to the Christus from Hospital St. Elizabeth, they received ten victims of the Beaumont Tornado, from which most had slight cuts and scratches. There was not any single injured person who had life-threatening as described by Jackie Conger. About 12 vehicles were destroyed due to a storm in parking lots, and 6 of them flipped onto the department’s roof.