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Makli, The WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin for Service Providers.

Makli is designed with a focus on one-page checkouts offering a quick order experience for your clients. If you are selling services like website development, photography sessions, gym memberships, life coaching, offshore working, app development, or designing services, Makli offers you all the convenient minutes.

There are 3 working modes.

  1. Display Only:
    Legacy Mode, where Makli works in its minimal capacity and is used to display products. You can set optional links to connect with any eCommerce solution or affiliate system. In this mode, you can create your services, set prices for services, and display them to the clients with the help of the widget shortcodes. 
  2. Display With WooCommerce:
    In this mode, WooCommerce products could be displayed with makli widgets. In this mode, you just add products and descriptions to WooCommerce and set their ids in Makli. Your WooCommerce products would display with powerful Makli pricing tables, sliders, comparison tables, and other widgets.
  3. Display and Sell:
    This is the full mode, in which you can display the services as well as sell them via the Makli selling solutions,
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