How to show your WooCommerce products in a fancy way

Thousands of websites are using WooCommerce to strengthen the functionality and features of their eCommerce business. WooCommerce easily allows clients to set up online stores on your site in a few steps. Clients add products to WooCommerce and sell them, but there is no showcase of the products in powerful design elements such as pricing tables, sliders, and comparison tables.

Makli becomes handy to overcome this obstacle; It uses Woccomerce product ids to set them in its shortcode and display products in different pricing tables, sliders, and comparison tables on the web pages.

Process to show WooCommerce Products using Makli

1. First of all, add products in WooCommerce with the description and prices. \"\" 2. Make a shortcode in the Makli and place WooCommerce product ids in that shortcode. Also, you can choose different templates for the pricing tables, sliders, and comparison tables while creating a shortcode. \"\" 3. After that, place the shortcode on the page, and that’s it!! You can see the WooCommerce products on your site in the form of powerful design elements. Pricing Tables \"\" Comparison Tables \"\" Sliders \"\"