Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied about Michael Jackson

Finally, Jordan Chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson of indecency, which became the pilot to the court case against the “King of Pop.” Jordan Chandler, the child that accused Michael of misbehaving with him, finally came forward to tell that the case was based on lies.

Evan Chandler was the father of the kid, he never approved of the friendship between Jordan and Michael Jackson, and he is the one who accused “King of Pop” of having an unnatural relationship with his son.

Michael and Jordan were friends, but Jordan’s father never approved of their friendship. Encouraged by his father, Jordan charged “MJ” for indecency in their relation. The case hit the streets, newspapers, and tabloids, and the only names people knew back then were Michael Jackson, Jordan, and Evan Chandler, and media and law firms are hounding Michael Jackson.

It would be better if I do not make it all in favor of Michael Jackson, but it seems like we might never be able to know the truth. It is very much possible that Michael or his family have used their money to bribe or buy Even and Jordan, and they have changed their statements, but who knows.

Anyway, these are the rumors I have heard over the internet and decided to write about it. After Michael Jackson’s death, Chandler came forward and said that he made up the story just to insult the “King of Pop” for the money.

Now it is your turn to leave the comments and tell that according to you, what can be the correct possibility.