If there is one thing that the Americans know how to do and do it exceptionally well, it is to turn anything into a commodity, as now the Lisa Raye reality show has shown us. The Lisa Raye reality show was aired last night at nine in the evening on TV-One, which will be the channel covering the life and stories of Lisa Raye, who will have a lot to tell her viewers.

It feels like more of a confession than a reality show as we might see a lot of Lisa delving into her shaky past, which had left her abandoned by a man she should have known better when she started her fling with him.

The man was also well-known in the sports world as he played football for the NFL, but then later, when the marriage ended some time three years ago, Lisa got involved with another man who wasn’t the ideal type of person to be married.

The Lisa Raye reality show will revolve around the fashion designer cum actress, as is evident by the show’s name. Still, we never know what surprises we might find in the otherwise seemingly routine life of the woman.

I think her main goal here is to clear any misunderstandings people might have had about her after she got a divorce from first Tony Martin, the NFL star, and then Michael – I don’t know if he is any star. People had been curious about her case, and now I guess it has given some production companies the idea of making the all-new Lisa Raye reality.