Things to keep in mind while selecting pricing slider for your WordPress site.

There are different design elements to engage visitors to your website. A slider is a powerful design element used to display data dynamically.

One can save space on a page by using a slider
as it unifies the data. Sliders are also used to make pages user-friendly, as reading long text keeps people fed up.

Slider provides the breaks in the data to show it on the page.

When selecting a Pricing Slider for your site, different things are important.

  1. Billing Cycle Support
  2. Different product & billing cycles selection styles.
  3. Discount Display.
  4. Responsiveness

Why do you need WordPress Pricing Tables?

A pricing slider needs to have billing cycle support in it. Let\’s say the products you have included in the slider have different prices for different durations (monthly, annually, etc.). The slider must have the functionality to show all duration prices for a selected product. Makli has a powerful way of showing prices associated with different durations. \"\"

Product & BillingCycle Toggle Styles

Slider should have robust product and billing cycle selection designs to engage users in a more prominent way and make pages more user-friendly. Makli has the beautiful product and billing cycle selection designs to help you in this task. Makli includes radio and dropdown styles for selection.

Dropdwon selection style


Radio Selection Style


Discount Display

If users have a discount display for the product they are ordering, it helps them get a smooth ordering experience through your site; by keeping this most needed feature in our minds, we have introduced discounts in Makli sliders. \"\"


Nowadays, most people use their smart devices for browsing; due to this fact making things responsive on all devices is a demanding need. With Makli, you can achieve the responsive slider, which helps you to achieve a smooth user experience on all devices.