We are the Makli, at your service.

We are a small team passionately focused on developing solutions for startups and small service providers. We try to keep our solution simple by keeping out all the fuss needed by large players.

Our History

Our first product was to help small web hosts sell better and easily using WP as front and WHMCS as backend.

Although over 6000 hosting service providers are using WHMPress

Although over 6000 hosting service providers are using WHMPress, A WP frontend for web hosting providers. We soon realized that many businesses selling through the website need an as simple as possible way to sell online. Hence Makli (legacy version: known as PTSC, used to display products only) was born in 2018.
The piolet version had positive feedback and was much appreciated. This lead to the complete version adding orders, cart, invoices, and emails. Our passion is to save startups from manual labor by offering an online shop with minimum management overhead while automating their sale, Order, payment, and renewal for recurring service.