How to Make WordPress Pricing Tables in 5 Minutes or Less.

Most of the e-commerce stores have hundreds or even thousands of products, but a few of them only offer limited products. For every product, there are peak times when people try to and

Many e-commerce stores have catalogues with hundreds, if not thousands, of products, but many others have a relatively limited product selection. There are times when they have related items available from which clients can select the best option for their needs. Subscriptions, for example, are frequently advertised in this manner.

Pricing pages may be a fantastic tool for retailers in these cases so that they can readily present vital information about these products while also driving purchases through an attractive price display.

Why do you need WordPress Pricing Tables?

Your WordPress eCommerce store may be perfect using a traditional store layout to list and show your products, but if you have products that are similar to other ones, or if customers should select one product from a wide range of products, then a catalogue having individual product pages may not have been the best way to promote your business.

  • A pricing table can help in these situations by providing the following advantages:
  • They make it simple for people to compare your plans or products with their own and select the one that best suits their needs.
  • Customers can browse through pricing pages and still get the information they need.
  • They can quickly and effectively highlight the differences between your products without being intrusive.
  • Pricing tables help you keep your prices in place so that people want to buy a specific plan.

Makli is the best plugin for making WordPress pricing tables because it makes it easy to make tables and gives you the tools you need to make great pricing pages.

An Overview of Makli Pricing Tables

In order to create a pricing table using WordPress Plugins, I recommended the Makli because it has no monthly subscriptions and other hidden charges. However, I\’ve started using the Makli Pricing Table and its enhanced features make my investment worthy. A Makli licence costs $28 (one-time payment) and provides real benefits and support for displaying your packages and plans in a more professional and appealing manner. Then you can add your favorite layout from a range of available layouts and your good-looking pricing tables are ready. \"\" We have demo templates and a complete knowledgebase for you to get started with Makli and create gorgeous WordPress pricing tables in about five minutes. In the image given below, you can see these templates in action in the frontend demo, or visit our website to view all of them. They looked just as nice when I used them without making any style tweaks. You can also try a comparison table to compare multiple plans and their features head-to-head. \"\"

How to Create WordPress Pricing Tables

The Makli Pricing Table makes creating a pricing table a breeze. The plugin has the ability to choose a template before generating a table, which is a great option for quickly making tables within minutes. You can choose from a variety of pre-made pricing table templates, or you can make your own comparison table. I started with a regular carousal pricing table and chose a template that allows me to add multiple products. 1. Create a widget Install and activate the Makli WordPress Plugin. Then, go to the widgets section as shown in the screenshot below to see what you can do. \"\" 2. Select single or multiple products. If you have only one product, then you can go with our JumboTron pre-built-in template and list your product along with proper features, pricing, and a decent layout. Check the single product radio, select the layout, and add your product details. Below you can see a simple JumboTron layout: \"\" On the other hand, if you have multiple products, then you can go with our multiple product section and choose one of your desired templates as seen in the screenshot given below: \"\" I am choosing the carousel option, but you can also display your multiple products in the product group template and it will look like the picture given below: \"\" 3. Import Your Products Most people run their ecommerce stores on WooCommerce, so there is no need to worry about it. Just select the option and import your products from Woocommerce. But if you want to select services from Makli, choose the recently added products as seen below: \"\" a. Set your billing cycle and other options Set your billing cycle based on your product or service subscription plans, set button text, show discount, or highlight text for feature products. \"\" b. Carousel Table Options You will not see this option if you have chosen another layout, but if you are adding the carousel, then set its options as per your requirements. \"\" In case you’re not happy with the given layout, you can easily change it using advanced settings and set the carousel template, number of rows, additional text below the price or other options. \"\"

How to Create WordPress Pricing Tables

The Makli Pricing Tables plugin is a fantastic tool that you can use on multiple different websites. It offers tools that give you a lot of versatility when it comes to generating tables and price displays, making it well worth the $28 investment (one time price).

Makli Pricing Tables include the following features:

  • It includes a range of gorgeous WordPress pricing table layouts without adding any additional CSS.
  • It enables you to make feature comparison tables for multiple plans.
  • It allows you to add tooltips to your tables to offer extra details.
  • Allows you to display multiple services of more complex pricing displays