How to sell your services with Powerful order pages using Makli

In eCommerce solutions, order pages have an important role. Order pages should be fine enough on which clients can trust. The majority of the clients are concerned about the information that they entered during the order process. If your order page properly deals with this, you can get more orders through your website.

The other aspect about which clients are concerned is the payment process; the payment process should be secure enough. If your ecommerce system has flaws in the payment process, or you have set payment gateways that are not secure, then it can affect your sales badly.

The order page should also be user-friendly and easy to use, i.e., clients can easily check things in summary that they have selected during the order process.


Table of Contents

How could Makli be handy for you?

Makli could be handy for you as it adequately covers all the above concerns. Makli order page is divided into different sections for the ease of clients. Different parts of the Makli order page are given below:

  1. Product & Billing Cycle selection
  2. Client Billing Info
  3. Payment gateways selection area
  4. Terms and Conditions area
  5. Order Summary

Product & Billing Cycle selection

Makli has robust designs of product and billing cycle selection; it has two styles to choose these, one is the dropdown, and another one is the radio. Once the client selects a product, the billing cycle area would appear to select a product for a specific billing cycle.
Dropdown Selection
\"\" Radio Selection

Client Billing info

Client billing info consists of different client-related information fields in which clients can easily enter their information. In Makli, validation is set on some fields, such as mobile numbers, to check whether clients’ phone numbers are valid.


In address fields, an auto-filled system is implemented on the makli order page. The client only needs to enter two to three letters of their address system will give them suggestions from which the client can select their address. Once the address is selected, the system will auto-fill the client\’s state and country depending upon the address he selected.


Other sections included on the Order page are the payment selection section, terms and conditions section, and the summary section. Makli offers Bank Transfer and Paypal in its payment options. Makli has a powerful summary section in which the client can see the product he selected along with its description; a client can also use coupon codes to get discounts on the product prices in the summary.


You can see order page templates here